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Greatness lies in each of us, and when unleashed in unity, moves us to greater heights.

How do you unleash talent to its maximum potential?

How do you engage everyone to own the business?

How do you build high performance teams?

About Us

We help leaders and Human Resources design the conditions that lead to transformative and sustainable change, and unleash innovation at all levels of the organization. With over 30 years of experience, we specialize in designing and facilitating people processes that accelerate business goals and unleash talent, such as:

  • change management or what our founder, Mino Akhtar, now calls "emergent change design"
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  • high performance teams
  • onboarding and engagement
  • leadership development
  • conflict transformation
  • culture change and intercultural agility

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Mino Headshot

Mino's experience in large-scale change in many industries shaped her approach to change and innovation — a constant in all organizations — which is the guiding mission for akhtar consulting: unleashing talent. She is passionate about building employee ownership and change agency at all levels, and removing real or perceived obstacles to change through a facilitative and collaborative process. She is a skilled designer and facilitator of people processes that serve the business and leverage the intrinsic spirit, energy and creativity of all.

Mino Akhtar, Founder and CEO of akhtar consulting LLC
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Our Work

At akhtar consulting, we provide consultative services and deliver the most optimal talent development and management solutions for our clients. With over 30 years of experience spanning financial, healthcare, and pharmaceutical industries, you can depend on akhtar consulting for the depth of knowledge and understanding it takes to truly provide the best human resource services and solutions, while tackling complex business challenges head-on. The mission of akhtar consulting is to "unleash talent." Together as leaders and culture designers we can create conditions in which talent is unleashed to its maximum to produce extraordinary results!

Practice Areas

Change Management

we practice emergent change design, which recognizes that any change is a) an opportunity to build change capabilities and b) will be more effective if owned and designed with those impacted

High Performance Teams

we facilitate team breakdown to breakthrough processes to unleash the ideas and talent on the teams, and help build sustainable team norms and practices that foster innovation

Onboarding and Engagement

we transform the hiring process into a powerful jumpstart for the long term engagement of employees by utilizing innovative learning processes to connect people culturally, technically and emotionally to their manager, teams and organization and reducing time to productivity

Leadership Development

we believe leaders are best influenced and coached by other leaders and build powerful action learning and peer coaching practices to accelerate leadership development in a non-programmatic but project based approach

Conflict Transformation

we welcome conflict and challenges as sources of innovation and collaboration, and help teams discover how to transform conflicts into innovation and teaming opportunities

Culture Change and Intercultural Agility

our multicultural experiences and skills help global teams and organizations build intercultural agility and cultural awareness to improve decision-making and implementations across cultural boundaries

Initiatives and Assignments

Here are examples of our past work with world class clients

Improved leadership capabilities

Improved leadership capabilities and team performance for new product teams in the R&D division of global pharma organization. The design included peer coaching, team and leader assessments and manager/HR business partner accountabilities.

Facilitated strategic planning and innovation

Facilitated strategic planning and innovation projects to forward business strategy for several business units in a global pharma organization. Worked with leadership, operational and product teams. Transformed conflicts into innovation opportunities and instituted team norms and practices for sustained productivity and innovation.

Improved team and organizational productivity

Improved team and organizational productivity in a global pharma organization by implementing various intercultural training programs for global teams and new hires. The design utilized leaders as teachers, virtual social learning technologies, such as e-learning, peer coaching and experential learning.

Designed high-potential developmental programs

Designed and executed a high-potential leadership development program to increase leadership bench strength and innovation capability across the organization. The program was recognized as best-in-class by the CEO of the organization, and its results included high-impact business process and technology implementations, such as Salesforce tools, R&D and commercial cross-functional integration, etc.

Increased executive effectiveness

Increased executive effectiveness of key projects through emergent change design that transformed change as an innovation and collaboration opportunity for several global rollouts, such as clinical trial management systems, onboarding processes, organizational restructuring and business strategy changes. The design included innovation and change workshops, breakthrough thinking, coaching and accountability practices to build change ownership and design at all levels of the organization.

Implemented and managed engagement and onboarding processes

Implemented and managed engagement and onboarding processes for several global organizations to reduce time to productivity to build a strong identity and belonging to the culture of the organization and increase confidence and productivity of new hires. The design included pre-start to 90-day engagement, manager and HR accountabilities, leader involvement and multiple learning methodologies, such as e-learning, discovery learning, etc.


Inclusion and Diversity

Our approach is based on our firm belief that unleashing talent requires diverse approaches and the inclusion of all perspectives to discover the most innovative and optimal solutions to problems.


Teaming and Collaboration

The new unit of work is teams, and we excel at building collaboration practices within and across teams and organizational boundaries to achieve larger business goals and strategies.


Creativity and Innovation

Innovation results when teams are free to experiment, prototype and propose solutions and big ideas. We facilitate innovation practices that allow everyone to bring their best ideas and to build upon each others’ ideas to create win-win solutions.

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